bisexual women for couples

bisexual women for couples

“Maybe you can give me some tips on how to find a girl to join my boyfriend and me.” So says a Brooklyn woman in a three-and-a-half year relationship that she describes as “open” in one place and “polyamory” in another. In case you don’t know, the unicorn is that rare, magical bisexual woman who will jump into bed with with a couple and help them fulfill their fantasies.

Regardless, the hunt for the elusive unicorn is on.

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This common but complicated situation deserves a long answer.

For a little more background, the woman wrote us from a dating profile that she shares with her boyfriend and which is registered to a straight male in his thirties.

They are in shape, are seeking a single woman, and say they’re willing to “let it grow into a friendship.” I’ve known a number of men and women who’ve stepped into couples’ relationships for a night or longer, and their experiences range everywhere from amazing to ehh to terrifying.

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Unicorns are definitely out there–some will actively identify as unicorns, and some bi or straight women will be interested if the right situation comes along in the right way–but most won’t advertise themselves.

I hear a lot of complaints from bi and lesbian women who are sick of heterosexual couples writing to them and asking if they want a third. If you’re going to find a third, you’ll have to be very cognizant of and attentive to her comfort with you and your situation.

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